What is assessment and what makes

Before continuous assessment was introduced in secondary school, the old system of assessment was summative, that is examination was done only at the end of the term work.

Factors affecting the effective implementation of continuous assessment. It is a method whereby the final grading of students takes account in a systematic way of their performance during a given period of schooling.

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For example, construct validity may be used when a bank desires to test its applicants for "numerical aptitude. As with all SIFCO Authorized Partners, the Gruppo Gaser team is already benefiting from a comprehensive training program enabling them to identify selective plating applications and deliver a consistent, high quality service to customers.

It has been suggested that one reason for such a high incidence of examination is so crucial in deciding the future of the candidate that the temptation to ensure success by all means do or die is very high. E handbill on continuous assessment stated, the objectives of schools assessment programme as: In order to meet the requirements of the Uniform Guidelines, it is advisable that the job analysis be conducted by a qualified professional, for example, an industrial and organizational psychologist or other professional well trained in job analysis techniques.

This leads to the next principle of assessment. The discussion in Table 2 should help you develop some familiarity with the different kinds of reliability estimates reported in test manuals and reviews.

It is hoped that the findings would be used in planning and organizing effective continuous assessment of students progress in secondary schools. To assess gains in achievement on co-operatively developed standardized instrument in the evaluation of some locally introduced innovative programme.

Assessments should be integrated into larger environment. This implies that the teachers integrity is fundamental in the successful implementation of any programme. Validity refers to what characteristic the test measures and how well the test measures that characteristic.

However, a single test can never fully predict job performance because success on the job depends on so many varied factors. Nature of learning the process by which knowledge is increased or modified Forming and strengthening cognitive or S-R associations.

Therefore, this negative impression on the new system of education has induced the researcher to investigate the factors inhibiting the implementation of continuous assessment in secondary schools in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Here are two types of assessment: Adesina explained that writing test, oral question, discussion, project reports, Class work, take home assignments are considered as continuous assessment.

First, as an example of criterion-related validity, take the position of millwright. Here are a couple of ideas that can be used for this purpose: When such information is collected from time to time, continuous assessment is the recorded score against each student after being assessed.

For example, a writing ability test developed for use with college seniors may be appropriate for measuring the writing ability of white-collar professionals or managers, even though these groups do not have identical characteristics.

Statement of the problem. The three methods of validity-criterion-related, content, and construct-should be used to provide validation support depending on the situation. To operate continuous assessment effectively, the teacher need to spend time on each child- helping and observation.

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From U.S. President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, to Myanmar’s ethnic cleansing campaign, the world has spent the past year coping with discriminatory policies, atrocities, and hate-filled. Principle of Assessment: Use only reliable assessment instruments and procedures.

In other words, use only assessment tools that provide dependable and consistent information.


IISS Strategic Dossiers and Reports offer indispensable analysis for policymakers, academics and the corporate sector alike. The books harness the Institute’s technical expertise to present detailed information on key strategic issues. Accessibility for all students is a core principle of Smarter Balanced.

For students with special needs or those learning English, Smarter Balanced assessments have been designed so that any student can participate and demonstrate what they know in a way that can be accurately measured.

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What is assessment and what makes
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