Should judges be appointed essay

Party affiliation was becoming more and more significant, and voters were reduced to simply voting for judges along party lines—thus, judges were effectively chosen by party bosses, a process which was hardly conducive to creating a quality judiciary. The offences to which the power of impeachment has been and is ordinarily applied.

Judges facing regular elections would not have rendered decisions that ignored such clear legislative language not to mention basic math or the common meaning of words.

New states which joined the union followed the same pattern: For this to happen, it can be argued that the judge needs to be able to relate to the person and truly understand the implications. Seventeen states use the retention election system for at least some of their judges.

Instead, it acknowledges the reality of judicial elections in this country: And while judicial accountability through the use of impeachment on the federal level appears to be a thing of the past, judicial accountability through the direct election of State judges should not be.

Senate seat they were destined to lose. Discrimination in the court room is in theory prohibited however in practice it is very much visible. For this reason relatability must be present in a judge and they can not be too isolated from the general public of the nation. The remaining twenty-two states choose their judges through the competitive election system.

How Should Judges Be Appointed?

History is too instructive on the necessity of direct judicial accountability for its lessons to be ignored today. It is impossible for a person to change their background or indeed to have a multiple backgrounds, therefore creating a huge difficulty in this argument.

Judges given increased levels of protection from the public feel freer to advance personal agendas, often manifesting the view expressed by Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo who declared that: Carol Bayless; 95 Cr.

For example, two centuries ago when the colonists declared themselves independent from Great Britain and had opportunity to create their own governments, they promptly incorporated into America new and important judicial principles — of which the Massachusetts Constitution was typical in declaring: Under this plan, nominees were screened by a panel of experts, who then presented two or three possible candidates to the governor.

Should Judges be Elected or Appointed

However it did not solve the fundamental problem of judicial elections: Around the beginning of the nineteenth century, selection by appointment became more and more controversial, for three reasons. InGeorgia became the first state to switch from merit selection to judicial elections, and ultimately twenty out of the original twenty-nine states also made the switch.

The offences to which the power of impeachment has been and is ordinarily applied. There are some cases wherein judges serve until they are physically unable to walk into the courtroom and still this poses some problems because the elderly judge might not be at par with the level of judgment that is need because he has slower reflexes and thinking ability, a feature that comes in during the aging process.

Arguments opposed to electing judges Opponents of judicial elections cite three primary objections. I think judges should be appointed because their position in the justice system are very important in determining criminal and civil cases.

Studies have shown that decisions made in court are dependent upon the experiences and backgrounds of both the jury members and of the judge.Should judges be elected or appointed? Contested elections create the appearance of justice for sale.

This is a big enough problem with the other branches of government. Retention elections give the voters a say in a judge staying in office. The judicial system only works when it is perceived as being fair. For the purpose of this essay, I shall be arguing that judges should be appointed based mostly on life experience and relativity.

Judges: Should they be Elected or Appointed?

Of course a standard law degree and a solid understanding of the law is necessary but that goes without saying. Should judges be elected or appointed?

Do you think judges should be appointed or elected?

Judges should be appointed using a judicial selection commission that evaluates and recommends individuals to. Should Judges Be Elected or Appointed? The popular election of judges opens up the judicial branch to the same partisan and commercial pressures that the other branches experience.

The Supreme Court Essay example. created the Supreme Court, but not until was it configured. The way it was originally set up was with one Chief Justice and five associate judges, with all six members being appointed for life.

How Should Judges Be Appointed?

“That judges should be separate from politics, that judges should be doing something other than voting with public opinion or voting because of partisanship—that core idea of judicial independence animates the story all the way through,” he says. “It was a real surprise to me.

Should judges be appointed essay
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