An analysis of the theme of truth in the film on the waterfront

During the war, Rossellini found himself in the delicate position of acting as technical director for fascist-commissioned films, all the while secretly shooting documentary footage of anti-Mussolini resistance fighters.

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In this film, Visconti combines realism and romanticism as a way to break away from neorealism.

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Kazan, though he built a successful career, was never fully embraced by Hollywood, and his own decision to inform stranded him in morally ambiguous territory.

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Film Styles: Italian Neorealism

The central conflict of On the Waterfront is the rampant corruption of the dockworker's union. Crooked and coercive violence is ubiquitous, and in the first five minutes of the film, a man is killed for almost speaking out against the corruption.

If Johnny Friendly's racket is defined by an unfair. Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on On the Waterfront opens by introducing the small group of corrupt racketeers that run the docks of Hoboken, New Jersey, across the river from Manhattan.

Terry Malloy, an inarticulate former prizefighter in his late twenties, serves as a petty errand boy for the union head, Johnny Friendly.

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Friendly. A key theme in On the Waterfront is the importance of individual integrity in a treacherous world. This film endures as a powerful observation of both society and humanity due to its acknowledgement of the difficulty of making moral choices in an uncertain modern world.

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An analysis of the theme of truth in the film on the waterfront
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